Veti, brush manufacturer and metal gallantry
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Veti, ščetkarstvo in kovinska galanterija, Anton Vamberger, s. p.

Telephone / Mobile: +386 41 767 372
Fax: +386 4 202 34 90

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Savska Loka 21
4000 Kranj


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Our brushes for your success

The company Veti was founded in 1999. With the growth of the business we have become well-recognized on the European and Balkan markets. By using high quality materials we are able to meet the most demanding requirements to satisfy customers. We use various sizes of steel wire, stainless steel wire (INOX), brass wire (MS), bristles, hair, nylon, perlon, PP, PVC, abrasive wires with different grit and other natural and artificial  materials. We manufacture brushes for the industry, hobby, chimney-sweep businesses, trade and shops. In our own production we also produce various accessories for chimney sweeper.

What we manufacture in the company Veti?

Chimney Sweep Program
Stoves- and sweeping brushes
Chimney Brushes
Pervasive Wire Rods
Chimney Sweep Program
Industrial Program
Round (wheel) Brushes
End Brushes
Cup Brushes
Bevel Brushes
Cylinder Brushes
Industrial Program
Program for cleaning ventilations-, air-conditioning devices
Brushes from artificial materials
Brushes from a mixture of plastic and wires
Wire Brushes
Brushes from natural materials
Program for cleaning ventilations-, air-conditioning devices
Special Program
Brushes for cleaning weapons
Brushes to order
Special Program

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